Jubilee Year of Mercy Rembrandt Prodigal Son

The Jubilee Year of Mercy announced by Our Holy Father, Pope Francis began December 8, 2015 when His Holiness opened the Holy Year Door of Mercy at St. Peter’s Basilica for the entire Catholic Church. December 13, 2015 His Excellency, Bishop William Callahan followed suite and established the Jubilee Door of Mercy at St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral for the Diocese of La Crosse. Finally, our Deanery opened the Door of Mercy at Sacred Heart Parish in Pine Creek. With the doors readied the Jubilee Year will continue until the Feast of Christ the King, November 20, 216.

The idea of a Holy Door during such a time is that we have a place which symbolizes the crossing of a threshold from the weight of the world and its temporary nature into the very eternal and limitless presence of God. During this particular year, that passing is proclaimed as a pilgrimage and accompanied by God’s mercy. Therefore you are invited to consider crossing over. Have the courage to step into the merciful presence of God. Follow the links below to the decree from Bishop Callahan and the schedule of Fridays at Sacred Heart Parish, Pine Creek. Then come join us. More information about other events of the Year of Mercy is yet to come.

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