Very Rev. Woodrow Pace   E-mail


Priest in Residence:

Fr. Arulsamy Raja Kennedy



Pastoral Associate:

Deacon Juan Pedro Roblez Baltazar

Phone 715-985-2227


Parish Secretary:

Laura Daher   E-mail

Phone 715-985-2227


Director of Religious Education:

Margaret Baecker   E-mail 

Office: 715-985-3719, ext. 26

Cell: 715-538-3638


Business Manager:

Angie Sylla   E-mail 

Phone 715-985-3719 ext. 15


Saints Peter and Paul School Staff

School Principal:

Leanne Haines   E-mail

Phone 715-985-3719


Parish Nurse:

Becky Maule

Phone 715-985-3803

Local Parish Information


Religious Education Site Supervisors:

Saints Peter and Paul:  

Open   Phone 715-530-0357

Saint John the Apostle: 

Open   Phone 715-694-2289


Directors of Maintenance:

Saints Peter and Paul: 

Bill Losel   Phone 715-985-3719, ext. 14

Saint John the Apostle: 

Kirth Pronschinske   Phone  715-538-4607


Directors of Sacred Music:

Saints Peter and Paul:

Open   Phone  715-985-3719

Saint John the Apostle:

Donna Shepherd   Phone  715-538-4607