New Parish Website

For those who have used the parish Website, you know that it has recently gone through some trying times. Our domain provider went out of business and our second option proved inadequate for our needs. Painfully, the last bulletin uploaded was May 23, 2015. But the days of suffering are over!
We have been working hard on preparing a new Website for our three parishes, now affectionately dubbed in our alignment as the 4 Apostles. Saints Peter and John are the among the Apostles chosen by Jesus to walk in His footsteps during and after His own earthly journey. St. Paul was chosen by Jesus outside the normal pattern for Apostles and was sent as a missionary to the world. St. Ansgar is the Apostle to Scandinavia because of his own missionary spirit and obedience to the command of Christ to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
The website is a work in progress and we are just at the beginning stages of construction. We are indebted to Bridget Barczak for sharing with us her expertise and sense of design, as well as her countless hours of service given to the Parishes to make this happen. Once again, we can encourage you to follow the link to the new website and start enjoying this connection to your faith.