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It is an odd year when Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day and Easter Sunday is April 1st. The sentiments of each seems a set up for a clash of the secular and the profane. The day for lovers is the day for sack cloth and ashes. The day of the Resurrection is a day for preying on the gullible. I guess that has been the dilemma of the Church from the beginning. How do we live in the world without falling victim to its temptations? How do we love one another with purity and sacrifice, as God wants us to love. Furthermore, how do we proclaim the truth of our salvation and the person of Jesus Christ to a people who are incredulous or indifferent to the gifts He brings? We have a problem when the resurrection of our Lord is met with denial or boredom. So, when the world is such a good place, how do we keep our minds on the world that is yet to come, which, though yet invisible, promises to be infinitely better?

This is the purpose of Lent. If we are to answer these questions arising from our experience of heaven and earth, we need to strip ourselves of distractions, turn with greater intent to our Creator and enter into the suffering of His Son. Then His victory will help us love more perfectly. His rising from the dead will help us see His glory. The world will be a better place, and the final goal of our pilgrimage through life will come into clearer vision. Now is the time to prepare.

– Fr. Woody


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Private confession is offered 30 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass in the Parish Confessionals. 


Saints Peter and Paul    3:45 – 4:15 pm

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Feb 23 Annual Trivia Night for Uganda Mission • St. John’s at 7 pm